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We're helping pharmaceutical companies accelerate patient recruitment with online recruitment and software automation.
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Auto Generated Sites
Why spend weeks on development and design for every single study?
Patient Recruitment
Implementing best practices to accelarate your patient recruitment.
Reporting & Analytics
Access patient data, reports, statistics all in real time.
Auto Generated Recruiter Sites
Why spend weeks on web development and design for every single study? We offer study pages for every clinical trial in the world for a lower cost. Our solution has higher conversion rates due to our data-driven approach.
Already Live
Already deployed and enrolling for all your studies
When time is of the essense our solution gives you an edge. We generated recruiter sites for all your public studies that are already deployed and enrolling patients.
Government compliant
Faster IRB approval
Our HIPAA secure recruiter sites are IRB approved much faster due to our simplified data and templating architecture.
CliniMatch Search Engine
Recruit additional patients with no additional cost
We built a search engine for patients to help them find and enroll in clinical trials on their own without additional recruitment efforts. As we help you build awareness for your study, more patients will find your study page. The cost of recruitment on our platform will go down.
Patient Recruitment
We are helping you implement the best practices to accelarate your patient recruitment campaign.
Search Engine Marketing
Capture the right attention at the right time
One of the main problems with recruiting patients is the lack of awareness. People are searching for solutions online on their own. Our in-house team of ex-Google employees are Search Engine marketing experts. Together with our simple to use Search Engine of already deployed clinical study pages, we connect patients seeking new treatment options with clinical studies seeking patients online.
Social Media Marketing
Tapping into social networks and big data
Using data mining technologies and social ad networks, we can target patients by interests, events, locations and other factors to reach the best candidates. Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to find the right patients.
Live Person Support
Nurse Call Center
Our Nurse Contact Support Team utilizes a team of licensed and accredited nurse agents. Our experts are trained to handle the aspects of customer care unique to participants of clinical trials. Let our support team conserve your site costs and staff time with high-impact pre-screened patient connections.
Real-time tracking and reporting
Manage your patient recruitment campaigns seamlessly with the sponsor dashboard. Inquiry data, reports, analytics and much more.
Analytics Suite
Make better decisions with smarter data
Our system shows patient enrollment data in real time. You can review the number of study page views, conversion rates, referral sources and many more important metrics.
Reporting Suite
Know where your marketing dollars are spent
We are providing reporting tools to better understand how your marketing budget is spent on your patient recruitment campaigns.
The Patientrecruiter Platform
One platform to rule them all
Our platform offers help in managing and reviewing all your patient recruitment efforts to allow you to keep your focus on research and development.
Data Security
Secure and government compliant
We are implementing the highest security standards to ensure the safety of sensitive data. Patient records are stored in HIPAA Compliant databases. Data over the wire is only transmitted through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL)